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Achieving Universal Basic Skills (November 04, 2015)

We argue that economic growth is what will ensure the other laudable Sustainable Development Goals and that quality education is the only way to achieve long run growth. Simply put, this economic growth goal and the means of achieving it through quality education stand at the top of the pyramid of the SDGs.

Eric Hanushek on the Education, Skills, and the Millennium Development Goals (July 27, 2015)

How important are basic skills for economic success and growth?

Not in the Right Ballpark (July 20, 2015)

My critique of the paper by Jackson, Johnson, and Persico is very simple and might be lost in the dazzling misdirection of their response. When I learned computer programming, I was taught to use simplified approximations of results to make sure that my more complicated, and harder to check, programs produced answers that were in the right ballpark. This step apparently is no longer taught.

Recent Publications

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