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Legal Testimony

School Finance

Martinez et al. v. New Mexico; Yazzie et al. v. New Mexico (New Mexico), 2017

Connecticut Coalition for Justice in Education and Funding v. Rell et al. (Connecticut), 2016

Citizens for Strong Schools v. Florida (Florida), 2016

Maisto et al. v. State of New York (New York), 2015

Texas Taxpayers and Student Fairness Coalition et al. v. Scott et al. (Texas), 2013

Gannon et al. v. State of Kansas (Kansas), 2012

Lobato et al. v. State of Colorado (Colorado), 2011

Abbott v. Burke (New Jersey), 2011

McCleary v. State of Washington (Washington), 2009

Davis v. South Dakota (South Dakota), 2008

Espinoza v. State of Arizona (Arizona), 2008

Committee for Educational Equality et al. v. State of Missouri et al. (Missouri), 2007

School Districts’ Alliance v. State of Washington (Washington), 2006

Montoy et al. v. State of Kansas, et al. (Kansas), 2003

Campaign for Fiscal Equity et al. v. State of New York et al. (New York), 2000

Hoke County Board of Education et al. v. State of North Carolina (North Carolina), 1999

Claremont School District, et al. v. Merrill et al. (New Hampshire), 1996

Committee for Educational Equality v. Missouri; Lee's Summit v. Missouri (Missouri), 1992

Alabama Coalition for Equity v. Hunt; Harper v. Hunt (Alabama), 1992

Tennessee Small Schools et al. v. McWherter et al. (Tennessee), 1990

Abbott v. Burke (New Jersey), 1987

Somerset County Board of Education v. Hornbeck (Maryland), 1980

Levittown v. Nyquist (New York), 1976

Serrano v. Priest (California), 1973

Other Court Testimony

Vergara et al. v. State of California et al. , 2014

Jenkins et al. v. State of Missouri et al. (Kansas City, Mo.), 1997

Liddell et al. v. St. Louis et al., 1996

Court Submissions

Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association, 2016

Vergara v. California, 2014

Horne v. Flores, 2009

Valenzuela v. O'Connell [CAHSEE], 2006

Williams v. California, 2003