Assessing Knowledge of Retirement Behavior

Published Date
Eric A. Hanushek
Nancy L. Maritato
Washington, DC: National Academy Press
288 pages
This book brings together in one volume what researchers have learned about workers, employers, and retirees that is important for formulating retirement income policies. As the U.S. population ages, there is increasing uncertainty about the solvency of the Social Security and Medicare systems and the adequacy of private pensions to provide for people's retirement needs. The volume covers such critical behaviors as workers' decisions to retire, people's choices of saving over consumption, and employers' decisions about hiring older workers and providing pension and health care benefits. Also covered are trends in mortality, health status, and health care costs that are key to projecting the likely costs and effects of alternative retirement income security policies and a strategy for combining data and research knowledge into a policy modeling framework. CONTENTS FRONT MATTER 1 INTRODUCTIONEric A. Hanushek and Nancy L. Maritato 2 INCOME AND WEALTH OF OLDER AMERICAN HOUSEHOLDS: MODELING ISSUES FOR PUBLIC POLICY ANALYSISAlan L. Gustman and F. Thomas Juster 3 FACTORS AFFECTING LABOR SUPPLY DECISIONS AND RETIREMENT INCOMERobin L. Lumsdaine 4 PERSONAL SAVING BEHAVIOR AND RETIREMENT INCOME MODELING: A RESEARCH ASSESSMENTJames M. Poterba 5 RETIREMENT AGE AND RETIREMENT INCOME: THE ROLE OF THE FIRMDonald O. Parsons 6 ASSESSING FORECASTS OF MORTALITY, HEALTH STATUS, AND HEALTH COSTS DURING BABY BOOMERS' RETIREMENTRonald D. Lee and Jonathan Skinner 7 A FRAMEWORK FOR ANALYZING FUTURE RETIREMENT INCOME SECURITYGary Burtless BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES