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Academic Articles

Format: 2018

Academic Articles

The Demand for Local Public Service: An Exploratory Analysis. In John E. Jackson (ed.), Public Needs and Private Behavior in Metropolitan Areas, Cambridge, MA: Ballinger, 1975, pp. 121-138.
Learning by Observing the Performance of Schools. In Robert A. Wallhaus (ed.), New Directions for Institutional Research, Measuring and Increasing Academic Productivity, No. 8 (San Francisco: Jossey-Bass), 1975, pp. 17-38.
Model Specification, Use of Aggregate Data, and the Ecological Correlation Fallacy. (with John E. Jackson and John F. Kain) . Political Methodology, Winter 1974, pp. 89-107.
Efficient Estimators for Regressing Regression Coefficients. The American Statistician, 28(2), May 1974, pp. 66-67 .
The High Cost of Graduate Education in the Military. Public Policy, 21(4), 1973, pp. 525-552.
Regional Differences in the Structure of Earnings. Review of Economics and Statistics, 55(2), May 1973, pp. 204-213.
On the Value of 'Equality of Educational Opportunity' as a Guide to Public Policy. (with John F. Kain). In Frederick Mosteller and Daniel P. Moynihan (ed.). On Equality of Educational Opportunity, (New York: Random House), 1972, pp. 116-145.
The Production of Education, Teacher Quality, and Efficiency. in U.S. Office of Education. Do Teachers Make a Difference? , Washington, D.C.: Government Printing Office, 1970, pp. 79-99.
The Value of Teachers in Teaching. RM-6362-CC/RC, Santa Monica: The Rand Corporation, 1970.
Voting Behavior in the 1960 Colorado Presidential Election. (with John C. Ries, John E. Coblentz, and John F. Kain). Rocky Mountain Social Science Journal, 3(1), 1966, pp. 82-95.


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